11 Print Craft winners at #Epica2014: execution is everything

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One of my favourite awards shows, Epica Awards, is back with its 2014 winners. One of the reasons why I like the awards show is that one gets to see creative work from European countries (sometimes non-English work) which normally don’t do the rounds of ad aggregator sites.  In print category (a favourite of mine) there is the ‘print crafts’ section which recognizes great execution.

Herewith some of the winners:

Paris Zoo: Wildlife is back in town

There have been many campaigns which interpret a line literally to dramatic effect. Relevance, great execution and more importantly not going overboard in the interpretation is key. Loved the art direction and photography.

Publicis Conseil (Paris), Paris Zoo





Agency: Publicis Conseil (Paris)

Scrabble: the power of words

Telegraphic communication that drives home the message with minimal fuss. Brings a smile to your face.



Agency: TWIGA Ukraine

Morton: buy your own apartment

Haven’t seen anything like this in the category. Brilliant take on the uncertainty of rented apartments – that it could mean your home being ‘taken away’ unexpectedly. The execution is mind-blowing too.




Agency: Media-Storm Advertising (Moscow)

Jardiland: light biscuits

Hilarious take on what light biscuits can do.

Jardiland - Rosapark, Paris

Agency: Rosapark, Paris

Lemonade Film Production: great movies, tiny budget

The tag line says it all. You tend to notice every element of the press ad in detail and laugh.

Lemonade Film Production



Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made (Sao Paulo)

Which ones did you like? Will share more of the Epica Awards winners over the next few days.

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