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Robin Williams for Snickers: inspired casting


Agency: BBDO Robin Williams replaces Joe Pesci in a new ad for Snickers. The format is the same but still drives home the point that you behave out of character when you are hungry. I thought it was inspired casting; Adrants thought it meant Robin is ‘a washed up has-been or reached cult status’. I thought the situation, the dialogues (‘balloon animals, tea-cozies, Lets do it...

Kraken Black Spiced Rum: cracking design and concept


An interesting outdoor creative for Kracken Black Spiced Rum got a mention on BuzzFeed, Adweek and Huffington Post recently. The billboard breaks the mould of typical outdoor ads and a stunt that is likely to stop people in their tracks. I was curious to find out more about the brand and was delighted at the discovery. The design language across all the elements of the brand – packaging...

Waygo Chinese Menu translator: solves problems, gets laughs


‘Solve Problems. Don’t build ideas’ is the advice given to startups. Makes eminent sense and that’s where foreign language translation apps came into play. But Waygo Traveler is different. What makes it stand out is the focus and ease with which is solves problems. The focus is on food menus and signage – a common problem when traveling to China and the Far East...

Dodge Dart Registry: genius marketing idea


Agency: Wieden + Kennedy This one goes straight into the ‘I wish I had thought of this idea’ section in my head. Dodge, dubbed as ‘Alfa Romeo DNA with Dodge passion & design‘ has a new marketing campaign in the US. Consumers are encouraged to configure a new Dodge Dart. They then ask their friends, family and social network to sponsor parts of it. The goal? The goal is... b#@$^%ng funny and spot on ad


Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam ‘We need to improve the branding’. ‘Since we are launching a new brand, we need to make the brand name familiar to the consumers’. These are some of the valid concerns clients have when either briefing or evaluating a TV spot. Most often the solution (preconceived, perhaps) is seen in the number of times the brand name is mentioned, how...

Samsung’s push for the Enterprise Market: trying hard to be cool


Samsung’s latest ad for the US market takes potshots at Blackberry & iPhone; this time with an aim to position Samsung S3 and Note as the ‘next big thing for business’. The enterprise market is obviously a lucrative one and has several check posts to get past: the IT guys, the CEO/CFO, the end users themselves each with a different ‘need’ or concern. There is a...

30 years of Mitsubishi Pajero: icon of resistance


Came across this print campaign for Mitsubishi Pajero, celebrating 30 years of its existence. Among cars this is surely one of the all-time great brands with a legendary reputation and respect.
Quite liked the thought behind this campaign – linking its heritage and durability. The font reminded me of old Volvo print ad headlines though.

Agency: Africa, São Paulo. Via: Luerzers Archive

D&AD Call for Entries: Win and #DieHappy


Winning a ‘pencil’ – a reference to winning at the D&AD Awards is a big high for creative folks – be it in pure design or advertising. Three kinds of awards are given out: a Yellow Pencil (formerly known as a silver award),  a Black Pencil (formerly known as a gold award) and a White Pencil (creative idea that changes the world for the better), across various...

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