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Food & Beverage Advertising Awards: it’s worth the fight


Loved the campaign idea and the execution. The The International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards (FAB Awards) 2013 is here and a campaign to promote the awards is doing the rounds of ad blogs. Agency: WCRS It seems right at so many levels: ‘worth the fight’ could be applicable to all good advertising – not just the FAB Awards. And the execution is spot on –...

How one man and Social Media can change brand perceptions: #FitchTheHomeless


Many moons ago, I owned a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans. I didn’t know much about the brand’s background or heritage save for the fact it was a ‘foreign’ brand and largely had positive feelings about it.  The fact that the jeans were comfortable helped the ‘cool brand’ perception. Thanks to @ideasmaverick I came across this story about a statement made...

Oreo’s #Wonderfilled and the new advertising


Contrary to popular belief, the good old 30-seconder is not dead. Television still plays an important role in marketing (even in the developed world) and there is certainly a role for the traditional 30-seconder. But what is interesting is how an alternate audio-visual medium is emerging in the form of YouTube, the resultant social media sharing and new platforms like Vine. The latter is not...

Land Rover ads from the Gulf: idea & craft come together


Over the last few years years, a new campaign for Land Rover is created by Y&R Dubai every year and each one of them has gone on to win major advertising awards globally. Each one of them is rooted in an idea and executed to perfection. This year’s campaign is no different: Agency: Y&R, Dubai. Photographer: James Day (who also shot this interesting campaign for Sunday Times). Among...

Drool worthy advertising photography: Sunday Times App List 2013


Photography makes a huge difference to a campaign idea (some examples here). A recent campaign for Sunday Times caught my eye in this context. Released in January 2013 the campaign announces the App List 2013 supplement in the Sunday Times.

Photography: James Day
James Day is an internationally renowned photographer working in the advertising and editorial fields. You can see his work here.

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