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Micromax Turbo: the reveal, celebrity ads and challenges of Android


The Micromax Turbo teaser was not a teaser in the classical sense – everyone new what was coming. The expectation was more about what the reveal ad would be like and the features of the phone. When it comes to teaser ads I have always felt that in most cases the reveal does not live up to the hype or expectations created by the teaser. The teaser usually evokes a ’so much hype for just this...

Should’ve gone to Specsavers ‘Workout’ #shgts: power of consistency


The ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ strap line allows for great executions across media. Specsavers UK has created advertising based on that theme for quite a while now – including topical ads. Their latest, ‘Workout’ carries on with another hilarious rendition. Agency: Specsavers (in-house) Creative Director(s): Graham Daldry There are some fun videos of the...

What drives Corvette Stingray Biometric Test Drive: the need to beat the clutter


The description over at Chevrolet’s YouTube channel says: What will happen when we put five unique drivers behind the wheel of an all-new 2014 Corvette Stingray with biometric sensors to track each of their vital activity in a groundbreaking experiment? Welcome to the world’s first ever Reverse Test Drive where the driver’s don’t test the car – the car tests them...

DB Export Gold: Lassie alerts beer drinkers to ‘fire at the old well’


Beer advertising, especially from Australia and New Zealand have been about the lads- scheming their way out of unpleasant situations for a round of beer. The ‘women whisperer‘ for example, appeared at the most opportune moment for men. Now as DB Export Gold says, ‘working late, fixing the roof, attending a second cousin’s wedding – there’s always something...

When you can’t think straight, hydrate: Deep RiverRock


Just when you thought all possible angles of selling bottled water have been exhausted you come across a refreshing (and importantly, relevant) new way of looking at the category. Loved this series of ads for Ireland’s Deep River Rock brand of water. ‘When you’re not hydrated, your brain’s not at 100%‘ is the claim behind the creative and likely to get a potential buyer into...

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