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McDonalds – ‘Somewhere near you’ Christmas ad: great copywriting for TV


Remember the ‘Just passing by‘ TV spot with its montage-style visuals and great copy? There was a similar one during the 2010 World Cup too.  McDonalds UK brings out yet another TV advert where the idea and voice over style have become something of a signature. This time, a rhyming voiceover describes McDonald’s as a place where people can either celebrate or escape from the holiday...

Seen and noted: McDonalds Happy Meal


Great art direction, distinct branding, striking: what more can a print ad deliver? A new campaign for McDonalds Happy Meal in the UK does just that. The ads cleverly highlight what’s inside a Happy Meal (DK Book, Crayola etc.) and do so in an unmistakably McDonalds way. Loved the art direction.

Agency: Leo Burnett, UK

Harvey Nichols #SpentItOnMyself: ‘when the world zigs, zag’ idea beyond advertising


One of the creative directors I had worked with many moons ago, insisted on watching all of the major competitive work in a category before creating advertising for a brand. Routine, you say? The intention was not just to see what competition is doing but to avoid doing them for your brand. Very often, major categories in advertising have unwritten rules or codes. Marketers insist on their ads...

Best of #Epica2013: Sunlight dishwashing liquid


It is amazing how a creative mind ‘connects the dots’ between food, the vessels and a dishwashing liquid. The category is a favourite for creative teams seeking awards and some great work has happened in the past: Mao Bao, for example. So it is heartening to see a fresh new angle in the category and a great execution of the idea. “Creativity is a lot like looking at the world through...

10 must-see slides on digital and mobile for marketing & advertising folks


Business Insider’s CEO Henry Blodget delivered the ‘Future of Digital: 2013‘ presentation recently.  The presentation covered a lot of topics from the smartphones to tablets to mobile operating platforms and the data therein could be debated, especially given Mr. Blodget’s penchant for painting a bleak picture of Apple & iOS. A handful of slides relevant to marketing...

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