10 must-see slides on digital and mobile for marketing & advertising folks

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Business Insider’s CEO Henry Blodget delivered the ‘Future of Digital: 2013‘ presentation recently.  The presentation covered a lot of topics from the smartphones to tablets to mobile operating platforms and the data therein could be debated, especially given Mr. Blodget’s penchant for painting a bleak picture of Apple & iOS. A handful of slides relevant to marketing & advertising brought alive the state of things in digital & mobile and could be food for thought for industry practitioners.

1. US consumers are spending more time on digital media, especially mobile

US consumer media consumption

2. Digital is bigger than TV in terms of revenues in the US

US Advertising

3. In digital, investments are moving to mobile

US ad rev by format

4. Mobile is now 20% of e-commerce traffic

Mobile ecommerce

5. Mobile is now 11% of e-commerce sales

Ecommerce sales

6. Tablets are cannibalising PCs

Global computer shipments

7. Consumers are spending 30 minutes on tablet, each time they use it

Tablet users time spent

8. 250mn tablets will be shipped in 2013

Total tablet shipments

9. iPad & iPhone have a big edge in e-Commerce

ecommerce website traffic by platform

10. And the most relevant slide

attention is monetizable

All images sourced from Business Insider.

The most obvious trend is about consumer’s spending time on digital media and the rise of mobile (smartphones & tablets) in e-commerce. While spends (at least in the US) are moving towards digital and mobile, the moot point is: are brands using the medium to its best advantage? Advertising formats & metrics which were relevant for the web or a bygone era (the classic banner ad, ad impressions) are still in vogue. As David Droga said about mobile advertising  in an acerbic fashion: it’s intrusive and downright awful 99.9 percent of the time. No one has figured out how to advertise on mobile in a way that doesn’t make you throw up in your mouth. Yet many brands  do not consider mobile a priority: mobile-friendly sites, engagement-enhancing or utility providing branded mobile apps are still not second nature to marketers and advertising agencies. The most relevant of the slides from the Future of Digital said it all with ‘attention is monetisable’. Are marketers geared to gain consumer’s attention in a digital world?


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