Weightless Project: ingenious, simple and a global idea for positive change

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As ideas go, this one ranks high up in terms of ingenuity, simplicity and more importantly – the potential to be a catalyst for global change. The Weightless Project, aims to monetize every attempt at losing weight and thus bridge the gap between obesity and undernourishment.

Aside from the do-good objective, what makes it praiseworthy is its simplicity. It fits in naturally with the mindset and routine of those seeking to lose weight and allows them to contribute to the project almost effortlessly.

Weightless Project

What’s more, the idea is based on a solid consumer insight: if due to one’s action, someone less privileged is likely to benefit, it is likely to appeal to both our hearts and minds. And if the action fits in with one’s own life objectives and does good too, it is a win-win situation.


I am doubly happy that a Bangalore-based idea shop Happy Creative Services has conceptualised this idea. It goes to prove that advertising agencies are truly idea shops and can be catalysts for change through creative, business-building ideas. Co-founded with Poonacha Machaiah, this initiative was launched at Health 2.0 Silicon Valley earlier this year and is supported by Deepak Chopra, The Deepak Chopra Foundation and Health 2.0.

“There is a creative solution to solving the two most devastating epidemics of our time: obesity and diabetes on one hand and malnutrition and hunger on the other hand. The Weightless Project offers us who are fortunate to have resources to become healthier, more vital, enjoy a joyful energetic body and help reduce our risk of chronic illness as well as help prevent illness in those that go hungry everyday.” says Deepak Chopra MD; founder of The Chopra Foundation and world renowned author and educator.

The project seems to have been thought through and geared to yield actual positive results (unlike many ideas aimed at winning creative awards) – the partnership with three activity tracking devices – Jawbone, Fitbit and Basis, bearing testimony to that.

Hats off to the entire team and hope this initiative goes a long way in making the world a healthier place.

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