Pets4Pets Project: ads for WWF created by kids, for adults

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This is brilliant. The Pets4Pets Project invited little kids in Italy to imagine new social campaigns to help protect the animals they love the most. WWF, together with a team of creatives, photographers, illustrators, film directors, animators, post-producers and speakers helped students at an elementary school experience the whole creative process: from the brief, to the Pre Production Meeting, to the shooting, to going on-air.

Agency: Leo Burnett. Via

I particularly loved the creative thinking behind this spot: simple, single-minded and thought provoking:

Some of the other work (including print, radio and billboard ideas) demonstrates a clear grasp of the problem, an idea-driven creative solution and abundant imagination.


Loved the whole concept of the project and the execution of it by the Leo Burnett team. And how does one classify this – activation, digital, advertising, PR? All of it?

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