E*Trade, WSJ and more: creative ideas of the week

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Commercial messages, TV spots, outdoor, web-only films, print ads… are everywhere, but only a handful are memorable. A round up of creative ideas which caught my eye over the last week.

1. E*Trade: Vision

A personalised dashboard is not a pathbreaking, new feature when it comes to a brand in the stock trading domain. But this interpretation of ‘you see things your way’ is visually striking, trippy, memorable and – drives home the point.

Agency: R/GA

2. WSJ: the face of real news

With all the debate about fake news going on, established brands have an opportunity to reinforce their trust among readers. That’s exactly what New York Times did recently – gaining the attention of Donald Trump in the process. A new campaign from WSJ dramatises the personal story of journalists who broke big stories.

Agency: The&Partnership

3. Livraria Cultura: TV shows

Livraria Cultura is a chain of bookstores in Brazil. These set of ads encourage book buying & reading by using the now familiar recommendation engines of Amazon and Netflix. It brought a smile to my face and made me curious to check the books out.

Agency: Arcos

Not much of a picking this week, as compared to last week. Which one was your favourite?

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