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Toon Blast, Generation Wild and more: 6 top creative ads of the week


Of late, I have not spotted very many ad campaigns which I found to be compelling enough to share in this space. Here are a few which brought a smile and stood out from the clutter. 1. Toon Blast: Ryan Reynolds When the brand promise is generic (‘great taste’ as a promise for a chocolate brand) it all depends on the creative execution to make the commercial memorable. It is a risky...

Apple’s ‘Memory’, Canal+ and more: creative ads of the week


It wasn’t a week of rich pickings when it came to creative ads last week. There were only a handful I liked instantly and the list includes a TV spot from Apple and a few print ads from UK. iPhone X : Memory The basic tenets of advertising include ‘make it noticeable’ (all else is academic otherwise), focus on the benefits (not features) and convey it in a compelling manner...

Stabilo highlighter, KFC ‘Neymar’ and more: 9 top creative ads of the week


Hundreds of commercial messages compete for our attention every day. But very few can be called creative ads – they are usually the ones which get noticed (the first pass of any communication). Here are a few which caught my last week: 1. Stabilo: highlight the remarkable Over the years, the category of highlighters have seen many creative expressions to dramatise the generic benefit of the...

Ocasio2018, Delta’s Pilot Talk and more: 11 creative ads of the week


The advertising & marketing industry trade portals were busy showcasing creative ads from Cannes Lions 2018, over the last two weeks. Despite the prevalence of made-for-award campaigns usually for ‘social good’ the award show is an opportunity to learn about new crafts & techniques and simply be inspired by the power of creative minds. I only wish the show saw more of creative...

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