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BMW, @VeepHBO and other great creative ads of the week


This week, my creative picks include a hilarious spot to dramatise the benefit of autonomous driving by BMW Group, a smart stunt by HBO for Veep’s 7th season, clever print ads from UK and more. BMW Group: nothing to fear Autonomous cars have largely been experiments by various companies till now. As with many path breaking inventions, there is fear of the unknown among car drivers as the...

11 top creative ads of the week: @KFC_UKI, @Dream11, @bouyguestelecom and more


Advertising trade portals were abuzz with work from two big name fast food outlets – KFC and Burger King last week. I also came across interesting work relatively lesser known brands. And in India it is the season for IPL – which sees the launch of several new ad campaigns. Herewith a few which caught my eye. KFC: Chicken Town A legendary brand like KFC has a unique problem: imitation...

Billboard which illuminates a road, a one ton dog and more: creative ads of the week


A billboard which illuminates the road, a TVC for Skoda which highlights road safety and other creative ads are part of my weekly picks for week ending March 15th, 2019. La Caja: billboards We live in an age where brands are not merely expected to claim something but actually act upon them. Such acts take the form of products themselves (remember Nike FuelBand?), integrated campaigns like...

Don’t Get Robbed by Your Bank, @HaloTopCreamery and more: top creative ads of the week


Just as last week, there were some rich pickings in creative ads this week too. A refreshing new perspective on banking services, a hilarious execution to position ‘ice cream for adults’ and more. Axos Bank: Banker Robbers Bank robberies are situations one is familiar with thanks to movies and ads. Here’s an ad with turns that scenario on its head portraying bankers as robbers...

#BodyProudMums, #ShotOniPhone and more: 14 top creative ads of the week


A majority of ads go unnoticed. Only a handful get our attention and an even smaller number are remembered & recalled. Here are a few creative ads I noticed and liked from last week. Mothercare: Body Proud Mums Advertising is often accused of air brushing reality. In most campaigns, especially those for fashion and women, show ‘beautiful people’ in their perfectly sculpted figures...

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