New Altoids: curiously different campaign

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New Altoids One of the legendary campaigns in the oral confection category is the one for Altoids. It was popular for it tagline: ‘Curiously strong mints’. Created by Leo Burnett, the campaign stood out among the clutter of freshness claims. The masterstroke was to focus on a differentiated product attribute and go to town with it. The execution took the idea miles ahead with a combination of intelligent wit and retro-chic. They have been consistent with the idea for years now. Until now, that is.

Here is the new ad, done by BBDO. I don’t know if this is a function of the account shift but it seems a pity that they have dropped the idea of ‘curiously strong’. The ad conveys the same thouhgt through the ‘slap in the cerebellum’ line but for me this does not have the same charm as the earlier ads.

Another brand which gave up it’s iconic look was The Economist. For years, they were known for the distinct red background and the witty headline. They recently shifted to a new idea – even though the agencies did not change. Is it a fucntion of the brand team tiring of the idea? Or is there genuine fatigue from the consumers? Did the new Altoids work for you? I am just curious.

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  1. yup. kinda dissappointing From – ‘ Cruel and unusual peppermint’ to ‘ curiously strong mints’ its been quite an eye catching ride

    after that.. the current line doesnt quite make me catch my breath.

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