iPhone – more than a mobile phone

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picture-6.pngThe fact that the iPhone is more than a mobile phone has not really sunk in India. It is seen as just another mobile phone with comparisons of its 2MP camera with a 5MP camera phone, lack of MMS etc. Fortune reports that one of every 333 web hits in August, came from an iPhone.

The iPhone OS, with a 0.30% share, was the fourth-most popular operating system on the Web after Windows (90.69%), Mac OS (7.84%) and Linux (0.92%). What is missed by most iPhone detractors is that as revolutionary device it is not directly comparable to other mobile phones. Add to the fact that it is an iPod it truly changes the way we use a mobile device. The constant online presence and ease of use of through utilities like weather, stocks etc., makes it oh-so-eay to live on the web. The new ‘iPhone killers’ may attempt to do it all, but not with the finesse & ease of an iPhone. Now wonder it is the 4th largest ‘operating system’.

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