Vodafone Lift: best actor in a TV commercial

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Surely this must rank as one of the best acting performances in a TV commercial in recent times?

In most commercials the actor perform to the camera and the viewer. Holding a pack, hamming out extreme expressions of joy or discomfort is the norm. Refreshing to see such natural stuff in a TV ad. Hats off on the casting.

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  1. You are so right! Just the other day I was thinking that this girl should be hounded by all sorts of casting directors verry soon!

  2. Even the one where the the guy checks the list and then discovers, much to his surprise, that he has passed is very good. I remember doing something similar a few years ago when I was in college. And my reactions were somewhat similar to him. :p

  3. Just wanted to know if we can have an info about the actor/s in the latest vodafone(indian) tv commercial where a college stu is shocked to see his result that has passed exams?? any help would be appreciated. thnks is there any site or database available on the net for free ..

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