Examples of great re-design

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Came across this interesting post: 50 Stunning Examples of a great redesign in which some recent examples of good identity and product design are outlined. Here are a few:


Among the Indian brands, recent identity changes that come to mind are Ceat, Godrej, India Post, Canara Bank, Bank of Baroda, Union Bank and Shoppers Stop. International brands like Sunsilk and Vodafone have unveiled their new identities too. Amazing how a subtle change in design affects brand perceptions so strongly. At the article mentioned above, there is a comparison between the 1st generation iPod and the latest one. What a difference the design makes – it makes the old one – not even 10 years old, distinctly archaic.

Here is a screen grab from some of the work from Ray + Keshavan (which is now part of WPP’s Brand Union). Among these, I quite liked the Kotak logo and the one for Mumbai airport.


Any other brand or product re-design that worked for you?

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  1. I like the way Sunsilk has been re-designed..Compared to the old Sunsilk bottles, the new ones look much more hip and trendy and i guess it will work with their young TG. The good thing is that apart from re-designing the logo and bottles, they are trying to revamp their brand image in entirety – sunsilk gang of girls for e.g.

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