Croma’s branded laptops: sign of things to come?

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Croma, the durables and electronics retail chain from the Tata Group launched their own brand of laptops, called er…Croma, recently. Interesting move from the retail major – one has seen store brands in commodities (sugar, aata)  and low-end and low unit value categories (tissues, towels).

croma How will their entry into laptops be seen by potential buyers? The Tata name is a positive – but will the brand be able to sway consumers from a Dell or HP which is most likely to sit next to the Croma laptops? My bet is that will definitely get a dekho from the 2nd rung of potential buyers. If the first rung is the tech-savvy geek who will compare every feature with another brand, I believe there is another rung below who seeks value. They may not understand all the technical stuff but seek assurance of certain threshold level capability. The price and the Tata tag will be an advantage for them. What say? Does the Croma brand have the potential to get into other tech or consumer durables?

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  1. These are far as i can see would never be accepted by the consumer. Most Indians are buying their first NB. For them its as much as tool of work/entertainment as it is a personal accessory. Why would anyone walk around with a ‘croma’ NB when there are great global brands at comparable spec/pricing/styling etc. Just check out the latest from the likes of Acer, HP etc. Further from what i know, these are all basically zenith computers, so u basically paying all this money for a NB from them ! May private labels work for geasers/micro waves, but for a NB which is such a personalised euipment…i doubt it. What about QC/testing processes….so many reassurances when u buy a known global brand. It will take a lot more than the Tata name i can assure u. ANyways good luck.

  2. Abhishek,thanks for the comment. I agree that a Croma laptop will have a tough time against established global brands. There could be a value seeking consumer who sees merit in a Croma brand.

  3. The challenge for these boxes would be the after sales service and AMCs. THis is one issue that would see CROMA struggle. Yes the TATA brand would trigger the intial purchase but repeated purchase there has to be a strong word of mouth- which is doubtful. Well here is wishing them the best

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