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Nirma underwater – floating a new idea


Much debate over the new Nirma underwater commercial created by Taproot India. The debate seems to be about the breakaway from Nirma as it was known (brand name repeating jingle, in your face, mass appeal) to a more subtler expression. There is also some reference to an award winning ad for Ariston – both of which have similar looks & feel. Nirma Washing Powder from Campaign India on...

Seen and noted: Wonderbra Facebook


As noted earlier, as you read this, at this very moment, someone somewhere in this world is thinking of a scam ad for Wonderbra. And creative renditions of what could happen with an ‘enhanced’ life are myriad. Here is one such recent work, found at Ads of the World. This one is from Publicis Conseil, France. I would like to know how many of these ads actually run? Don’t know...

Happydent: is it making a wave?


My friends and colleagues seem to have a polarized opinion on the new ad for Happydent Wave – some of them love it; some, like the comments over at ad blogs have been critical of it. I guess I fall in the latter group. Let me revise that. I am neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed – just whelmed. Happydent ‘Elephant’ from Campaign India on Vimeo. I thought the idea the idea...

HSBC Rugby Lions Training: brilliant stuff


This is must easily rank as one of the best TV ideas of late. JWT London has created 20 idents to support HSBC’s sponsorship of the British & Irish Lions Rugby tour 2009. The idents are set in South Africa (the country hosting the tour) and feature 5 of the greatest Lions players ever to play, ‘coaching the local wildlife’. The concept, scripting and editing are all top...

Gillette: groin and bear it


Razor blade brands seem to be taking a suddent interest in the nether parts of your body. Wilkinson Sword started it all with their coy, ‘Mow the lawn’ ad which has become popular in the viral video charts. Gillette, has now released a set of videos, which includes tips for men on general body shaving including head, chest, armpits and um, er…the groin. Classic P&G...

Seen and noted: Passive Smoking Kills


Another anti-smoking ad, this one focusing on the effects of Passive Smoking. Voted as the Editor’s Picks over at AdForum , these set of ads were created for Cancer Aid & Research Foundation, India. Art: Balakrishna Gajelli.

Much as I see ani-smoking ads as the first resort of award-seekers, this one has an idea and stand-out execution. More of Bala’s work here and here.

Of celebrity tweets and voyeuerism


Much buzz in Twittersphere after discovering that Mallika Sherwat was on Twitter. At 717 followers, she is not yet in the league of Ashton Kutcher who has 1,936,038 followers. Gul Panag (2555 followers) is another Bollywood actress who is active on Twitter. Following celebrity tweets seems to be a profession by itself with sites dedicated to celebrity tweets. Check Time magazine’s list of...

KamaSutra urges you to send some rubber, virtually


KamaSutra condoms have set up the ‘Send some rubber‘ website through which you can send a virtual rubber, with a message to a friend. And the next time your friend types the word ‘sex’ while surfing, messaging or chatting, the rubber you choose will drop down with the message you wrote. So the attempt is to build awareness and stay ‘on mind’ even if the rubber...

Seen and noted: Dial Hand Sanitizer


This campaign has ‘simple, clear and unexpected’ written all over it. I first saw the brand name – Dial Hand Sanitizer in my RSS feed reader and when the visual came up, it brought a smile. Advertising Agency: TBWA\RAAD Dubai, UAE. Via Ads of the World. Thankfully it is not an obscure or fictitious brand. Hope this campaign ran in mainline media and did some good for the brand...

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