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Apple iPad: what it could be is more promising than what it is


And so the iPad has been announced. And the sun still rises in the east. I was glued to my Macbook,  following the various live blogs. I also managed to catch the live television coverage on CNBC’s US feed. The last time a similar thing happened in 2007, during the iPhone launch, I was elated. It was a high. Did I get the same elated feeling this time around? No. Like several tech watchers...

Barclaycard roller coaster: taking the idea higher


When you have a hit in your hands, like the Barclays Waterslide commercial, the pressure to go one up with a sequel is huge. Barclaycard and BBH, their agency, have taken this literally and have put a man on a roller coaster ride across New York in their follow up commercial. When you have such a powerful visual device in water slide (which was even converted into a successful iPhone game) and...

Best of the Apple Tablet wish list: computer as an appliance


In January 2007, Apple announced the iPhone. Pitched as a breakthrough internet device, it kicked up media & consumer frenzy for a good 6 months. When the iPhone was finally launched in June 2007, the consumer anticipation was so high that people lined up days ahead of the launch to buy it. The pre-launch hype generated millions of dollars of publicity for Apple and the iPhone. Are we seeing...

Seen and noted: The Resort at Paws Up


This reminded me of the scores of ads from the early ’90s in India when print was still king. The kind of ads made famous by the likes of  Trikaya, Enterprise and Ambience. Agency: Neiman Group, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Via: Ads of the World. Rest of the ads are here. An upmarket resort, upscale target audience, quaint little product features, droll humor – just the kind of stuff that...

Is it time for agency creative & media to sit together again?


In the  early ’90s, agencies hived off their media planning & buying divisions into specialist units. Several of them, with control of billions of dollars in marketing monies, have gone onto become media powerhouses with incredible clout – after all, money is power. In mature & developing media markets, there are media heavyweights who match the creative superstars in terms of...

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