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TOI bleeds blue for Volkswagen


Volkswagen’s international campaign, ‘Think Blue’ makes its way to India. The campaign was launched through a teaser print ad this week and today saw the Times of India bleeding blue, as it were. Thank You, TOI for not making it a half cover. Volkswagen India explains the Think Blue philosophy: At Volkswagen, we have set our sights on developing vehicles that are smarter, more...

23 visually stunning print ads from recent times


One would normally associate jaw-dropping post production work and computer graphics to moving pictures, thanks to a diet of Hollywood films and some ads. Of late such post production work has found its way into static media. Here are some examples:  some of the computer work may be subtle and the others more ‘in your face’, but the visual effect is striking in all. Also, not all of...

Can Idea really clean up cricket?


“Did you get Idea’s ‘Keep Cricket Clean’ campaign”? asked @beastoftraal. Even on Twitter, there were rants about the campaign (well, on Twitter there are people ranting about everything). In my view, the ‘Keep Cricket Clean‘ campaign was a double barreled one – attempting to convey a ‘public service‘ message as it were and integrating it...

Seen and noted: WWF campaign for Bluefin Tuna


Save trees,  save the panda and ‘smoking kills’ have been the common themes for public service ads. Even within’wildlife protection’ as a topic, some species seem to hog the limelight as it were. Tigers for instance, in India. This greater focus on certain species, almost at the cost of others, seems to be the insight behind this striking campaign for WWF. Agency: Ogilvy...

Nike Better World: making advertising better


The Nike Better World campaign has been doing the rounds of ad blogs, since Jan’11. What I liked about the campaign was the attempt to go beyond mere claims and provide ‘real’ proof. The center piece is a beautifully written TV spot made entirely of ‘recycled’ footage from earlier Nike ads. Brilliant. The website provides information on several initiatives of Nike...

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