Spice Popkorn: digitally speaking

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The latest ad for Spice Mobile’s Popkorn phone seems to have caught people’s attention. The quirky lyrics (salute to @meajay)  & composition, the unusual style of storytelling and exposure on World Cup cricket seems to have worked. Not to mention the stand-out feature – projection phone –  in a market where handset manufacturers seem to be outdoing each other to bring the next mobile phone-plus-coffeemaker. At Rs.7000/- the phone seems to pack in a punch – though I am skeptical of phones that promise to do everything- they usually end up doing a mediocre job of all.

Anyway, I digress. The point of this post is about the missed opportunity in the digital space. Search for Spice Popkorn and you get a host of links pointing to tech sites. Not a single one leading to the official product page.

Alright, the phone maybe targeted at those who don’t seek information about their phones through the online medium perhaps (I am guessing here) . But I would have thought the feature allowed for an equally great creative expression in the digital medium. But we have this:

I am sure the campaign creators have their reasons for not creating special digital content for this brand. But it seems like an opportunity missed, especially given the extent to which the Western world has progressed in this medium. When will we play catch up? Any projections?

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  1. I have seen this ad so many times but never realised its called Popkorn.

    the image of the white goat as a TV and the guy viewing a ppt in the cinema hall is the only thing that sticks!

  2. Yeah agree, so much could have been explored on the digital front. Pity that this wasn't done. I wonder if we will ever go beyond the nascent stages of digital awesomeness 🙁

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