Logitech & Google TV – the new media mindset

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Last year, Goodby Silverstein & Partners created a lovely little TV spot for Logitech & Google TV. Featuring Kevin Bacon, the ad made for great television and repeat viewing thanks to the super acting and the little nuances you notice each time you watch the film.

There is now an extended version, with several interactive elements built in. Hover around the YouTube video and you will be able to click on everyday household things which redirect you to IMDB (for a movie poster) ..even a Kevin Wonders of the World store on eBay.

Riveting stuff. The other day while chatting with a Digital Media insider, the poor use of digital medium by advertising agencies came up. Interacting with elements on a YouTube video is not new – it’s been before and done well by many. The Boon Oakley agency video and several others come to mind. Why haven’t we in India been able to come up with such stuff?┬áIs it lack of knowledge about what is possible technically? Is it lack of talent? A mindset issue?

As Dhoni would have said, ‘Oh well of course… that’s a topic for another post’.


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