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Volkswagen ad for Distance Control: masterclass in feature advertising


Automobile advertising is perhaps one of the toughest categories in the ad business. The graveyard of automobile ads is filled with me-too lifestyle ads (usually identified by a montage of car driving visuals shot in exotic locations or depicting the user’s upscale lifestyle) and dry as a bone feature ads. The latter typically is about a small, new or additional feature – rear parking...

My list of 18 Essential iPhone Apps 2013


The top 3 articles on why we love lists are : A list of reasons why our brain loves lists, 8 reasons why we love end-of-the year lists and The 5 Best Articles About Why We Love Writing Lists. Since it is the season for lists- Best of, Top Ten, Bottom Ten etc., here is my list of Essential iPhone Apps of 2013. These are not necessarily launched in 2013 (some may have been) but apps which I either...

Of working late in advertising


The death of Mita Diran, a copywriter at Y&R Indonesia, got widely reported in ad industry magazines recently. She reportedly died due to a lethal combination of overwork (30 hours on the trot) and excessive consumption of energy drinks, which ironically she must have consumed to ‘keep her going’. Earlier this year, 24 year-old Ogilvy China executive died of heart attack...

Apple ‘Holiday’ spot: the misunderstood aspect of Apple marketing


The latest spot from Apple, titled ‘Misunderstood’, tells a story of a teenaged boy who surprises his family with a ‘creation’ on his iPhone. The film has garnered positive reviews overall, especially on Twitter and has already got 1.5mn views on YouTube. Agency: TBWA/MediaArts Apple has had a good year as far as ads are concerned – ‘Pencil‘ for iPad, the...

Samsung #Galaxy11: can cool quotient be bought?


As advertising ideas go, this is jaw-droppingly big. Imagine virtually all of  today’s big football stars coming together in an ad. The premise is that our planet has been threatened, and one game of football will decide our fate. So it takes a ‘super’ team to beat the aliens. This is the kind of project every ad man dreams of being involved in – big bold idea, guaranteed...

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