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Honda’s ‘The Other Side’: brilliant on all fronts – strategy, creative & tech


Wieden+Kennedy, London have done it again for Honda. The agency is known for some great work for the brand in the past, across media. According to the agency blog: we want to bring to life Honda’s other side, the side born from a racing heritage and thirst for innovation. The strategy was to showcase Civic Type R, the ‘wild child alter-ego of the Civic hatchback’. We all know of...

Goofy, quirky film for pension brand AMF: execution is everything


Imagine selling a TV script for a pension brand like this: ‘it is a montage of visuals where people from various walks of life sing aloud about their expectations from a retirement plan. And oh, it set to catchy music’. The magic is in the execution. As the production house, Nice Shirt Film explains: Only the brilliant Jesper Ericstam could make a pensions commercial this fun, weird...

TV ad made entirely of Vines: #BendTheRules of advertising


I liked the central idea and the hashtag campaign of #BendTheRules for HP x360 as it is anchored on the product. Personally I thought the ‘stories’ of people who have achieved something extraordinary by ‘bending the rules’ was a tad disconnected as the product had nothing to do with those stories. Of course the benefit to the brand is through association but as a...

Buying decisions: rational, emotional or both?


As consumers, are we rational or emotional? Many marketers believe that appealing to the rational mind is the best bet to get consumers to make a buying decision – be it brand switch or entry into a category. We can see it across categories – be it FMCG or retail. A price off or a freebie along with a soap is believed to deliver results and often does. Retail brands hope to entice...

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