Goofy, quirky film for pension brand AMF: execution is everything


Imagine selling a TV script for a pension brand like this: ‘it is a montage of visuals where people from various walks of life sing aloud about their expectations from a retirement plan. And oh, it set to catchy music’. The magic is in the execution. As the production house, Nice Shirt Film explains:

Only the brilliant Jesper Ericstam could make a pensions commercial this fun, weird and catchy. The many concerns of everyday Swedes about their retirement plans are soothed by a mad drumming Old Father Time high above the city, drumming along to classic Euro dance hit “Tarzan Boy”, a song last heard coming out of a dodgy Benidorm disco in 1985. It’s classic Jesper, with the old man’s tune almost certain to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors (yes, the same agency which gave us the Epic Split for Volvo).

The AMF film is so catchy, watchable and has high repeat value because of the execution – the casting, the choice of music is perfect. You know it is goofy, silly and deliberately over the top and that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

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