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Mophie #StayPowerful: jaw-droppingly big scale Super Bowl ad


Super Bowl ads are known to take 'big scale, big production values' route. They are designed to evoke that jaw dropping reaction and hence have repeat value and memorability. It's not a new phenomenon - I guess Apple's 1984 was designed to be that way. In this context, the new ad for Mophie phone chargers resort to the 'go big or go home' strategy.

Similac #sisterhoodunite: 3mn views driven by non-advertising approach


There's no telling what goes viral - it could be cat videos, music videos, make up tips, regular ads, short films from brands...the list goes on. The only common factor seems to be entertainment. In this context, a film for Similac (a baby formula brand from Abbot) has raked up almost 3mn views in about week, but it is not a regular ad. In fact, there's no mention of the brand name, the category...

Of Life insurance, long-format ads and fear


The life insurance sector in India has seen a lot of action of late - three big brands have released long-format ads supported by activity in traditional media and social networks. Max Life has created the Second Chances campaign with a message: 'you are important to your family, so secure them'. Tata AIA's 'Daddy or Zooey' says 'you will do anything for your family' and Birla Sun Life's 'Khud ko...

Volvo: Made by Sweden – a class apart


Loved this new 'Vintersaga' ('Winter's Tale) campaign for Volvo. The key message: it takes a special kind of engineering and design to build a car which can handle Sweden's tough weather conditions, especially in winter. The execution is a montage of the (miserable) weather conditions in Sweden, beautifully shot and set to music. I didn't understand a word of the lyrics but the visuals drive home...

Of logos, mascots, Air India and brand preference


Reports suggest that Air India is planning to change its mascot “to tweak his image to make it more in tune with the changed times”. I thought the new representation (if true) was atrocious. It is inelegant and a neither-here-nor-there mishmash of the old concept and a possible new one. A logo is meant to convey a visual idea in an instant and make the brand inviting…likeable. I am not sure if...

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