Getty Images, Budweiser VR and more: creative ideas of the week

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Between bookmarked sites, Twitter and RSS feeds which showcase advertising, I come across many new creative ideas every week. As with advertising in real life, only a handful are memorable. Here are my picks for the week ending 20th May, 2016:Getty Images, Budweiser and more.

Getty Images: Endless Possibilities

AlmapBBDO has created some great work for Getty Images (among others) in the past. The theme has been consistent – dramatise the range of stock image options available, and the executions, delightful. The latest one is a show stopper with its striking image of a celebrity’s face stitched together using bits from other people’s faces.



Agency: AlmapBBDO

Budweiser: Virtual Reality headsets

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the first NBA team to build virtual reality technology into their official mobile app. Budweiser gave away away cardboard VR headsets (which double up as handy beer carrying case) for fans to view game footage.

Budweiser VR


Listerine: As we come closer, let’s do each other a favour.

‘As we come closer, lets do each other a favour’ is the proposition and is smartly linked to how public spaces have become more cramped over time. As an aside, print ads created in the UAE have among the best production values and execution in the world…as good as the ones from Thailand.



Agency: JWT, Dubai. Via.

There were a few others which caught my eye, but had mixed views about them:

PETA: clearly a ‘set up’ store, this stunt dramatises the cruelty that animals suffer to be turned into exotic leather products. High on shock value but I could sense that it is done with an award jury in mind.

Clearasil: the premise ‘We know your acne. We just don’t know you.” is fun when addressing teens. But I thought only marketers and parents of teens will find the executions amusing.

Anything you liked? Anything I missed out? Do comment in.

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