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‘Heaven Sent’, United – Team USA and more: creative ideas of the week


Stride Gum: Heaven Sent stunt Luke Aikins is a career sky-diver will leap out of a plane on 30th July, with no gear — no parachute or wing-suit. He is jumping from 25,000 feet into a 100-feet net, suspended 200 feet off the ground. The stunt will be covered by Fox TV in the US and Stride Gum is the sponsor. What’s the brand connect you ask? The chewing gum is supposed to deliver an intense...

Mercedes-Benz ‘Amazed Again’, Samsung Rio anthem and more: creative ideas of the week


Mercedes-Benz: C-Class Cabriolet There’s something mesmerising about a Mercedes. A new spot for the brand has the same qualities – captivating the viewer right through. It is the story of a boy who loses his sense of wonder as he grows up, only to rediscover it with the C-Class Cabriolet convertible. Director: Sebastian Strasser Samsung: anthem for Rio Olympics Close on the heels of a...

Channel4 #Superhumans, BBC Sport and more: creative ideas of the week


Channel4: Rio Paralympics 2016 The previous efforts from the Channel4 in-house creative teams on Paralympics are a hard act to follow. But the team has outdone themselves with their latest ad for Rio 2016. This is outstanding stuff – the kind which brings a good name to the advertising profession. One can imagine the diverse talents and creative minds- from strategists to musicians coming...

Chipotle, Virgin Media and more: creative ideas of the week


Between bookmarked sites, Twitter and RSS feeds which showcase advertising, I come across many new creative ideas every week. As with advertising in real life, only a handful are memorable. Here are my picks for the week ending 8th July: Ad Council, Ontario Tourism, Virgin Media and more. Ad Council – Love Has No Labels This ad doesn’t have a story with a ‘twist in the tale’ and is a...

Why instinct is dumped in today’s advertising


In an insightful article, The ad industry needs more Simon Cowells, Russel Ramsey , executive creative director at J Walter Thompson London bemoans the practice in advertising nowadays, of relying solely on data derived from consumer research and not paying any heed to good old gut instinct. His reference to how One Direction came only third in the show X Factor but Simon Cowell relied on his...

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