6 top creative ads of the week: @Vegemite @marmite @Delta and more

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Every day hundreds of commercial messages are targeted at us. However, only a handful of them are noticed. An even smaller number is remembered and recalled correctly. Every week, I attempt to share a few compelling creative ads which caught my eye. Here are a few for the week ending August 9, 2019.

Vegemite – Marmite spat

The Ashes – a cricketing duel between Australia and England is underway currently. Marmite, the yeast extract brand carried out an on-ground (no pun intended) activation when the matches were being played.

In response, Vegemite, a competing brand from Australia took out this ad in the British press.

Agency: Thinkerbell

The ad referred to centuries made by Steve Smith and the result of the first test at Birmingham. I loved the connect between stronger taste and ‘made of sterner stuff’ as Australia won the test through grit and determination.

Now Marmite has responded with their own jibe with a reference to the 2018 ball tampering scandal.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

We may not have seen the end of this spat as the series continues over the next few weeks. Between the two, I liked the Vegemite one better as it was in the context of an activity from the competition and cleverly linked it to the product quality. Marmite on the other hand, is below the belt as it references an unrelated (to the context) event.

Galaxy: pleasure

Brands are constantly urging consumers to ‘do more’ and achieve more, often setting impossible standards. A new ad for Galaxy chocolate bar turns the tables on this trend showing a protagonist who is asked by a ‘voice of God’ to achieve a long list of things.

Agency: AMV BBDO

Delta: New York stories

It is common for airline brands to create tactical ads to announce new routes from a hub. They usually are direct, straightforward announcements or highlight the aspect for which the destination is known for (e.g Paris and Eiffel Tower). A new series of ads from Delta offer a fresh perspective by linking new routes flying out of New York as a comfortable way to leave an often uncomfortable city.

Agency: W+K

ESPN: Don’t retire kid

In an effort to highlight the fact that kids are forced to ‘give up’ sports due to pressure of school, the Aspen Institute has teamed with ESPN to create awareness about the issue. A kid announces his ‘retirement’ in a ‘media event’ – his age, the reasons and the announcement wryly demonstrate how kids are deprived of fun & games at their age.

Agency: Arnold Worldwide

BBC: Peaky Blinders – fan art

Some movies and TV shows have a fan base which is highly engaged…even obsessed. The popularity of streaming services and the habit of binge watching has created fan bases across the world for shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and more. Peaky Blinders is one such show which is into its 5th season. In order to create buzz around it, BBC invited fans to submit their artwork related to the show. The ones which were picked were showcased on outdoors and offered prize money. Loved the simplicity of the idea depicting how strong the users ‘feel’ for the show.

Agency: BBC Creative

Renault: The Getaway

Absolutely loved the strategy and execution of this campaign for Renault – who have signed up as a sponsor of Sky Sports’ Premier League football coverage in the UK. In a set of idents, Thierry Henry is cast as a ‘getaway’ driver helping football fans to get to the game, ‘in style’.

The campaign includes movie-style posters with some great art.

Agency: Publicis.Poke

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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