Cadbury’s ‘Unity Bar’, Jif peanut butter and more: 4 creative ads of the week

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Most of the ads aimed at the general public are not even noticed, leave alone being memorable or changing mindsets & behaviour. Every week, I attempt to compile a list of creative ads which are clutter-breaking and compelling. Here are a few which caught my eye the week ending 16th August, 2019.

Cadbury’s Unity bar: print ad

‘Special editions’ of products are common in automobiles and apparel industry. Typically, such launches are linked to the brand’s anniversary or sponsoring a global sports event. In automobiles, the actual product goes through some minor design additions without involving a major, expensive engineering overhaul. In India, Cadbury’s launched a ‘Unity Bar’ to coincide with India’s Independence Day celebrations last week. The chocolate bar is a fusion of dark, blended, milk & white chocolates to symbolise India’s diversity of language, religion, food, cultures and more. As a product concept it was a great fit with how Indians perceive their country and reinforces its inherent pluralism. However, what caught the attention on social media was the use of print media. Full page ads were released in The Economic Times – with a Marathi headline in Bangalore, Kannada headline in Mumbai and a Telugu headline in the Delhi edition. Loved the idea and the execution.

Agency: Ogilvy

Jif peanut butter: bunker

In food & beverages taste plays a big role in brand choice & loyalty. No wonder that several brands in this category create communication based on the premise ‘you will go to great lengths to acquire it’. Remember John West? Here’s one with the same core idea.

Agency: Publicis

KFC: feel the heat

Story telling is the flavour of the ‘content’ world for a while now. However an interesting story has to be based on an actual, relevant product feature. In South Africa, KFC has created a ‘detective’ who is out to find why there is so much heat in the city.

Ibotta: get that money

Apps which give reward points for redemption within the app or with partners are common. Ibotta is an app which actual cash back. The film is a tongue in cheek parody of the common ‘talking heads’ format with the twist being that it portrays ‘money’ as a new discovery.

Agency: BBDO

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