Pick of Super Bowl and other creative ads of the week

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It is said in a lighter vein that Super Bowl is more of an advertising festival than a sporting one. It has a unique place among media properties as it not only attracts top advertising dollars as investments but garners global media coverage like no other. Also, unlike any other sports brand, there are a whole host of promotional activities around the ad itself – be it in the form of teasers, PR and social media campaigns. In effect that one airing of the ad has a shelf life starting well before the game day and if successful stretches long after that year’s Super Bowl. The 1984 ad from Apple is still talked about and so are many ‘made for Super Bowl’ ads from the 90s and early 2000s of other brands. My weekly compilation of clutter breaking creative ads includes a few from this year’s big game:

BMW USA: Zeus & Hera

Celebrities in fun avatars, zany situations, big production values, humour – this ad from BMW electric ticks all the boxes. The ‘ultimate driving machine’ is now the ‘ultimate electric driving machine’ with visual effects galore cueing the electric part. Eddy Grant’s ‘Electric Avenue’ makes an appearance at an appropriate moment.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Three brand idents for Googlebox

Before the age of streaming, TV channels and shows had ‘brand idents’ – they could be mini ‘adverts’ for the channel itself or for a show. The most popular example of the former would be the ones for Music Television (MTV) back when it used to play music videos. And then there are idents for specific shows made either by the channel or a brand which is a sponsor of that show.

Googlebox is a popular reality show, now sponsored by Three, the UK telecom brand. A new set of idents create awareness of this simple announcement in an interesting manner: showcase the reality of the second screen when watching a show on the big screen. Most of us check keep our phones at the ready when watching a show on television, checking social media feeds about a show, searching for information or simply being distracted. All of it is wonderfully captured in these realistic portrayals – a treat to watch.

Agency: Wonderhood Studios

Trainline: digital railcards

How to convey that a product is simple and easy to use? Here’s a clever route: show it being being rejected by people who prefer complex and over-priced products.

Agency: Mother London

Frito Lay: flamin’ hot

With some Super Bowl ads, one should’t look for logic or plausibility – it is just pure entertainment. The ‘flamin’ hot’ variant of Doritos gets some cute animals do a gig which is likely to bring a smile.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Amazon: mind reader

Self-deprecating humour works well when there are celebrities involved. Real life couple Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost feature in this ad which dramatises the perception we already have about e-commerce algorithms and voice-enabled devices. What could go wrong if such devices could read our minds?

Agency: Lucky Generals

GM: Dr. EV-il

Creative minds see a connection where others don’t. Climate change, electric vehicles (EVs) and ‘ev-il’: get it? I loved the context and the writing.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

LLoyds Bank: theme film

A heritage brand with 300 years of history, Lloyds Bank can credibly lay claim to the proposition ‘Always by your side’. This simple task is made unique to the brand by integrating a key visual element, inspired by its logo. The ad may not win awards perhaps but delivers on the brief very well with a feel-good factor.

Agency: Adam&eveDDB

Michelob Ultra: Superior Bowl

Fans of ‘The Big Lebowski’ will recognise the nod to the film in this ad for Michelob starring Steve Buscemi and whole lot of sports celebrities from the US. Even if you don’g get the reference there is ample swag and positive vibe which feels right for a beer brand.

Agency: W+K

NHS: heart-attack symptoms

Even if you watch this film with the the audio on mute, you will get the idea. That’s the power of the right visual hook.

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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