Suhana Masala, Sleepwell, Marmite and more: creative ads of the week

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Every week I attempt to curate a list of clutter-breaking ads (or the occasional commentary on the business of advertising). This week, here are a few creative ads from Suhana Masals, IKEA Norway, Sleepwell and more.

Suhana Masala: the smell test

Product parity and low or no real differentiation is a reality. In India, it is common for branded spices to make claims such as superior taste. When it comes to food, ‘smell test’ takes on a new meaning altogether as the aroma of ingredients or food being prepared triggers cues of great tasting food in our mind. Also, brands which have a story that can be claimed by others in the category rely heavily on ads which build affinity, bring a smile – and subconsciously transfer that affinity to the brand. A new ad from Suhana Masala ticks all these boxes and the idea is enhanced by smart casting – featuring Sarita Joshi as the familiar ‘all-knowing’ elder in the house.

Agency: Sideways Consulting

IKEA: home is not a catalogue

I like it when brands keep it real. IKEA is known for its well-produced catalogues. It’s physical stores too are styled in such a way that it appeals to our senses. But as we know our homes are not likely to be as ‘staged’ as those images in catalogues or styled stores. A couple of ads from IKEA Norway tap into this sentiment nicely.

Agency: Try

Vi: Be someone’s we

More than the situation or the script, I liked the concept of ‘Be someone’s we’ which dovetails nicely with the brand name and conveys a sense of inclusivity.

Agency: Ogilvy

Did you Sleepwell?

Many mattress brands have taken the route of ‘a good night’s sleep is important for a productive day’. A brand even coined the term ‘junk sleep‘ to cue the poor quality of sleep many suffer from and its impact. In that context, it is different yet relevant to see the angle of ‘caring for others’ by enquiring ‘Did you Sleepwell’? The integration of the brand name in the tagline reminded me of tag lines which were ownable by that brand name alone. As an aside, do read about the Live Richly campaign from Citi a few years ago.

Agency: Sideways Consulting

Vauxhall: Corsa

I came across this print ad in a UK newspaper. What caught my eye was the simple play on the name of the variant.

Marmite: Love it, hate it

Beyond just a great tagline, the ‘Love it, hate it’ idea for Marmite is based on a product truth. The polarising nature of the brand is apparently not known to the younger demographic.

YouGov research revealed that 43% of 18–24-year-olds in the UK have never tried the spread. Marmite will target freshers by giving out thousands of sampling kits at unis across the country, and has also launched a TikTok challenge, plus a humorous quiz on Tinder which asks participants to love or hate certain behaviours in a potential partner.


A new ad addressed this cohort by retaining the idea and urging them to ‘get it on’.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

Icelandair: the tourist bouncer

In March this year, Icelandair launched the ‘hard to leave‘ campaign which humorously shows the ‘over staying tourists who have to be reminded to not miss their flight. A new ad takes the idea forward with a ‘bouncer’ whose job is to identity such tourists and herd them to the airport.

Morning: alternative stock images

Anyone who has been in advertising, design or tasked with creating marketing collateral would have noticed that unrealistic, ‘staged’ feeling that comes with stock photos. The overjoyed, high-fiving team members, an executive pumping fist in the air – these are common scenarios in sites offering stock photos. Morning, an office space brand in France, collaborated with such sites to make stock images better by cuing diversity in the work space and a better working environment.

Agency: BETC

McVities: there is only one

Heritage brands such as McVities can lay claim to being the ‘original’ of its kind in biscuits. A new spot features Sir Trevor McDonald – a British newsreader and journalist, best known for his career as a news presenter with ITN anchored around the idea ‘there. is only one’ showcasing there can be many imitators but only one original.

Agency: TBWA

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