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Seen and noted: Evian Baby Inside


Evian’s ‘Live Young’ platform may have been made famous by the roller babies ad, but the tag line has been around for some time now. The one I remember seeing first with the Live Young proposition was this one where adults hum the ‘We will rock you’ song, with the voice being that of a little kid. It was followed by this Cannes winner, Water Boy. They now have a...

Blackberry India: love what they are doing


As an Apple fan, what Blackberry is doing in India in marketing terms, makes me jealous. While Blackberry has pretty much taped up the senior manager market for years now, their latest efforts are guaranteed to attract younger new users and strengthen their position even more. At the heart of it is a great product & pricing strategy:  Rs.15,990 for a Blackberry Curve delivers great value and...

Seen and noted: ITV1’s Married Single Other


They say advertising copywriting is like striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know. While the account management & planning team do their best in painting a word picture of the target audience, you know that the copywriter has got into the skin of the target audience when the ad resonates – when it speaks the language of the consumer and makes her go, ‘I could...

Barclays ad makes your money ‘perform’


I love it when there is a literal visual depiction of common phrases or idioms in creative ideas. You know, like this one for ‘Smooth as silk‘ or this one for ‘Wolf in sheep’s clothing‘. A new Barclays ad in UK does just that. It asks, ‘want your money to perform better?’ and goes on to depict money doing just that. Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty The...

Axe and the IPL effect


It’s raining commercials during the live telecast of IPL. Virtually every second, every inch of real estate on the television screen is used for branding commercial messages. The format of the game – a break every 5 minutes in between overs was an advertiser’s dream. But IPL goes one step beyond and places ads between deliveries. Cringe-worthy, but the ‘anything...

Will IPL become the Super Bowl of Indian advertising?


Over the years, Super Bowl in the US has become as much an advertising event as a sporting event. Broadcasters charge an arm & a leg (30 seconds of airtime cost $2.5 million to $2.8 million) for advertising on the event. And advertisers seem to have no issues paying up. It guarantees eyeballs in millions: this final drew 106.5 million viewers, beating previous Super Bowl records. The pre- and...

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