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13 winning Posters & Outdoor campaigns from Epica Awards 2012


The popular ad blogs usually display pretty much the same campaigns. Somehow, ads from Europe, other than UK perhaps will have to wait till the Epica Awards are announced. Here are 15 examples from the Poster & Outdoor category: 1. McDonalds Olympics Loved the simplicity of this campaign and the clever headlines juxtaposed with the visuals, especially the one featuring the dad. Agency: Leo...

Epica 2012 Grand Prix for Outdoor: billboard meets interactive


Is it a mobile campaign? Or a traditional billboard? Well, it took the best of both worlds and ended up winning the Epica d’Or in the Outdoor Category at the Epcia Awards 2012. Pennies for Life, a campaign developed for the Microloan Foundation (a charity that encourages women in Africa to set up their own businesses) worked like this: giant outdoor site in a UK shopping centre...

What is a great digital creative brief


Julian Cole, Strategy Director at BBH conducted a 3-week online course on Digital Strategy in October ’12 on Skillshare. The course covered four key skills necessary for a Digital Strategist – Insights Mining, Communication Planning, Digital Media/Influencer Analysis and KPIs/Measurement.  A presentation from that course, ‘What is a great digital creative brief?‘ is now...

The future of advertising in India is thought-provoking and free to download


Firstpost’s Anant Rangaswami has released a free e-book: The future of advertising in India, 2016. Obviously, its great on Anant’s part to offer it as a free download. The greater good however, is the potential change its likely to bring to the ad industry as a whole. The book (I read through a few chapters as of now) touches upon a number of relevant issues for the advertising...

Branding with the enemy


Here’s a point to ponder. What motivates and unites people more: fighting for a cause or against an idea? History provides us the answer. During the French Revolution the oppressed bourgeois’ united against a common enemy- the feudal and exploitative French monarchy and sent them to the guillotine. Soon after, once the enemy was dead, they were plagued with infighting and rivalry. The Allied...

Air France Music App: music in the sky


When it comes to mobile app ideas for brands, sky is literally the limit. Apparently Air France is known and appreciated by music fans for its sharp selections and exclusive content. They have created a new mobile app – Air France Music App, which literally plucks music from the sky. ‘Exclusive pieces of music are hidden in the clouds, and can find them and enrich your playlists by...

Dumb Ways to Die: killer new media idea


Dumb Ways to Die – a new integrated campaign for Metro trains, Melbourne reiterates what  Social Media gurus have said across many seminars, workshops and conferences: ‘content is the new currency’. The  campaign is a case study on what to do right in the context of new media. The objective is to reduce the number of serious and fatal accidents on its rail network. Instead of...

iOS App advantage – its not the numbers


The number of Apps on the iTunes App Store was touted as an advantage over other ‘market places’ like Google Play, Ovi or Windows Market Place. That advantage was bound to disappear over time given the popularity of Android platform and it has. As of Sep’12, the Android store has 650,000 apps compared to 700,000 on the iOS platform. Even in terms of number of downloads both the...

iPhone 5 India launch: the missing ‘experience’ factor


So Apple managed to sell virtually everything (albeit a relatively small quantity) that they shipped to India for the iPhone 5 launch. Given that it was a launch of a much-anticipated, global brand there were several elements missing in the marketing mix. For starters, there wasn’t any ‘official’ launch campaign from Apple. Tech blogs reported the Nov 2 launch and it was solely...

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