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Pick of print & outdoor winners at #CannesLions


Among the various winners at Cannes, a handful truly standout. I have mentioned a few which caught my eye. Here’s another list of worthy winners. Apple iPad: Grand Prix in Print As Adage notes, ‘each of five print ads features a different magazine’s cover at the left, and the same cover within an iPad Mini at the right, with a small Apple logo and the tiny words iPad Mini at the...

The creative brief: keeping pace with the times


‘What is the one thing we want to say?’ That question, or variations thereof (‘what is the single minded proposition?’) as part of the written Creative Brief, has baffled many an Account Executive in ad agencies. It may have been a source of mirth for many a Creative Director too, as they view such briefs as unfocused and uninspiring. The best of the creative folk usually have a clear...

6 funny TV spots from #CannesLions


Here are some of the funniest spots that were featured at the Cannes 2013 (some were shortlisted but did not win) 1. Devondale Sunshine Bubble: Bronze in Film Lions Breakfast drinks in Australia are predominantly soy-based drinks, a fact that is unbeknownst to many. Devondale – Australia’s largest dairy – decided to launch a competitor made from real milk. We legally...

Best of #CannesLions 2013: Coca-Cola Small World outdoor ads


Among the various winners at the Cannes Lions, there are a few that stand out – they appeal to you in an instant and strike you as a great, relevant, idea that makes sense for the brand and is well executed. I thought I will write a series of posts on such winners. Here’s the fifth one: The Small World Machines project went viral on YouTube (1.5mn views as of date) and generated a lot of buzz in...

Seen and noted: School of Communication Arts scholarship ads


First rule of advertising: your ads must get noticed. Second rule: they must be relevant to the target audience. Third rule: the ads must ‘involve’ and engage the audience. I thought these ads for Art & Communication School in United Kingdom by the School of Communication Arts, UK scored on all counts. The brief is interesting too: find a problem in your life, solve it. And the...

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