Pampers #alittlethankyou, #JaagoRe, Vitara and more: creative ideas of the week

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There are hundreds of commercial messages vying for consumer attention everyday across traditional and new media. Only a handful are noticed. Here are a few creative ideas which caught my eye the week ending 12th May, 2017: Pampers, Tata Tea, Red Label and more. Some of them may have been released earlier this month but I thought they were worth sharing.

1. Pampers: #alittlethankyou

In UK, Pampers recently launched launched its smallest ever nappy designed with neo natal nurses to meet the specific needs of the smallest premature babies. The initiative got a lot of press as the brand donated 3 million such diapers. The TV spot created as part of the #PowerOfbabaies campaign positioned these premature kids as ‘little fighters‘. The brand carried a print ad in UK dailies recently to showcase the initiative.

What I liked about the ad was the smart use of the print medium to showcase the actual size of the product thus dramatising the special care premature babies need.

2. Jaago Re: #ItsOK

Tata Tea’s Jaago Re (roughly translated as ‘awake!’) is one of the great campaign ideas of recent times. It is refreshingly different from the category communication, has a strong link to the category (as tea is meant to be a perk up) and has been cleverly linked by the brand team to societal trends and behaviour. Their latest effort is linked to depression and suicide related to exam pressure among students. The film urges parents to address the issue before it becomes a problem…to ‘awaken’ them towards their responsibilities.

Agency: Mullen Lintas

3. TESCO: every little helps

These ads brought a smile because of their simple puns. It is refreshing to see a little bit of humour in print advertising nowadays – not surprising as these are from the UK (some more fun UK print adverts here, here and here).

4. Movistar: Love Story

In this riveting ad from a telecom brand in Argentina, a teen love story unfolds only to reveal a plot twist at the end which drives home a shocking fact about internet privacy.

Agency: Y&R

5. Red Label: Mother’s Day

Events like Mother’s Day are opportunities which bring out FOMO among brands. The urge to make use of the occasion is so high that it could lead to communication which feels like a force fit (it happens during Independence Day in India). The brand fit is natural for any brand for whom mothers are a key target audience (which makes it long list). Among the few initiatives this caught my eye as it was different, relevant to the category and as a short-form video made great use of the digital medium.

Agency: Ogilvy

6. Best of British radio advertising

These ads were not released recently but I was thrilled to listen to them and hence felt like sharing. Here is a podcast of 20 great radio spots from the UK – each one a gem. Contrast these with the tripe that we listen to on our FM stations and it can make you weep.

7. Buy My Vitara: used car ad

So a visual effects professional decided to have some fun while trying to sell his Suzuki Vitara. The result: a viral film and media attention.

Which one did you like the most? Do comment in.

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