‘Bite Size Horror’, #DeviceFreeDinner and more: 9 top creative ads of the week

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Every day we come across hundreds of commercial messages. Only a few of them are memorable. Here are a few which caught my eye the week ending 20th Oct, 2017.

1. Mercedes Benz: King of the City Jungle

Stroking the male ego is a trick often used in advertising especially when aimed at purportedly ‘successful’ individuals who can afford super premium products. You can see that in real estate advertising in India for example where ‘only for those who have arrived’ is the proposition for luxury properties. A new ad for Mercedes Benz S-Class works on pretty much the same principle but executed not as boringly as those real estate ads. The ad dramatises a day in the life of a boss – the ‘King of the City Jungle ‘. The visual effects are fantastic and make the lion head look real. Moments in office – like the slide projector going ‘off’ etc., bring a smile. The transformation from ‘stressful’ to ‘relaxed’ is brought alive well.

Agency: antoni, Berlin

2. Monmouth Medical Center: Toddler Tips

Am not sure if this campaign was created with an eye for awards but sure is striking visually. The attempt is to educate adults about the need for good sleep – with each ad focusing on a routine (as practised with toddlers) which helps to achieve that.

Agency: McCann

3. Amazon Prime: Kahaaniyon wali Diwali

During the first few seconds of the film, I thought it could be a story about a boy blinded by Diwali crackers and never thought it would lead to the final twist. Also nice to see a brand zig while the others zag in the context of a Diwali-themed film. The proposition ‘Diwali is a celebration of stories; heroic stories, enchanting stories, stories of good winning over evil, stories of love and togetherness; stories of life’ sits well with Prime’s core offering too.

4. Awesome Assam

Tourism marketing is perhaps one of the toughest in advertising. Marketing a destination is not easy as what is promised in advertising must match realities on the ground. And that delivery depends on many aspects – from service providers like taxi drivers to hotels matching the claim. The landmarks advertised or experiences promised live up to the ‘desire’ created in promotions. A new film for Assam certainly created intrigue and interest in experiencing the state. The norm-east of India has always held potential for tourism but has largely been out of the radar for many Indians. The film evokes a desire to experience the beauty of the state by portraying its way of life and natural beauty. The film maybe a bit languid in pace but makes for riveting viewing. The use of celebrity creates a talking point in PR but the celebrity herself has little role to play in the film.

Agency: YAAP-Crayons collaborative

5. Common Sense Media: #DeviceFreeDinner

Addiction to mobile devices is a reality of the modern world. The ill effects of screen addiction have been written about for a while now. Yet, most of us never seem to be able to shake off the addiction. Also the addiction cuts across age groups and is not limited to a teen or young audience. A new campaign from Common Sense Media dramatises the negative effects of smartphone addiction starring Will Ferrell. The idea is to portray him as the one who ruins the cherished ‘family dinner time’ thanks to his obsession with ‘likes’ and such. I liked the idea because the objective is focused: ‘device free dinner’ and not a lofty but fuzzy goal like ‘reduce screen dependence’.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners. See more in the campaign here.

6. Mars: Bite Size Horror films

Halloween is a big opportunity for marketers in the US. This year, Mars & Fox candy brands have created short films titled ‘Bite Size Horror’ for their brands Skittles, M&Ms, Starburst and Snickers. The best of the lot is ‘Floor 9.5’ for Skittles.

See the full campaign here.

7. WSJ: Good Things Come to Those Who Don’t Wait

‘Good things come to those who wait’ is famous tagline for Guinness. A new ad for WSJ takes the opposite view as it were, positioning the WSJ as the essential read for those in a hurry to get ahead.

Agency: The&Partnership

8. Burger King: Bullying Junior

In connection with the National Bullying Prevention Month in the US, Burger King carried out a stunt in one of their stores. To quote from their site: “a high school junior was bullied by friends (all actors); and then a WHOPPER JR.® sandwich was bullied – punched, smashed, destroyed, and then served by a staffer (also an actor). 95% of the real-life customers reported their bullied WHOPPER JR.®, which was noticeably roughed-up badly upon unwrapping. But, only 12% reported the high school junior who was being noticeably bullied right in front of customers’ faces”. While the stunt by itself is likely to be witnessed by a handful of people, the video and the buzz around it creates awareness among a larger group.

Agency: David Miami

9. TrinityKids Care: charity

A powerful film for charity, based on an universal insight: we don’t know what to say or how to react appropriately to bad news. The campaign for ‘Providence TrinityKids Care (a in-home children’s hospice in Southern California) ‘ sums it up nicely: ‘When you don’t know what to say, give’.

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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