UNESCO’s “Next Normal”, Range Rover, Burger King and more: creative ads of the week

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I don’t watch much TV and hence my source of new ad campaigns (at least in India) is from online ad portals and what I read about in trade publications online. Coverage of new creative ads is much less than what it was before and many of the campaigns are centred around issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This week’s compilation of creative ads includes TV spots from UNESCO, Range Rover and more.

UNESCO: The Next Normal

The phrase ‘new normal’ has become annoyingly common over the last two months, over used in webinars, news reports and opinion pieces. The irony that what should have been normal – clean air, for example was welcomed with almost a shock. A new film by UNESCO challenging our perception of what is normal. Even at over 2 minutes, the film is riveting as it presents facts & figures to set us thinking – about how we have accepted what should have been unacceptable for too long.

Agency: DDB, Paris

Range Rover: 50 Years

Heritage brands are best placed to convey that they have witnessed history unfold before their eyes. A new spot from Range Rover to mark 50 years takes us through landmark global events over these years. According to the microsite, ‘Over its 50 year lifespan, the Range Rover has achieved many world firsts and completed numerous impressive feats’ and ‘To celebrate 50 years of a motoring icon, the limited-run Range Rover Fifty will be restricted to just 1,970 vehicles globally, in recognition of the year the original Range Rover was launched.’

Such initiatives help strengthen the aura around the brand, build desire. A timeline of its various innovations adds to the equity of the heritage brand.

Get a high resolution image here.

Burger King: re-opening

Every major restaurant chain and airline is eagerly awaiting footfalls to return. In France, a film to announce the re-opening of Burger King outlets takes an airline safety video approach with tongue firmly in cheek..

Agency: Buzzman

Burger King: homes of the whopper

Imagine a literal expression of Burger King’s tag line ‘Home of the Whopper’ in terms if it being consumed ‘at home’. That’s exactly what the brand did in the US giving consumers who order the Whopper home through their app a chance put up a sign like the ones below. I’d never do it but many would (and do) for a laugh.

Agency: David

Marmite: shortage

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic many products were not available on super market shelves. Even ‘essentials’ were in short supply. In UK, Marmite – famous for its polarising taste and the famous tagline, ‘You Either Love It Or Hate It‘ created this tactical ad to announce a short supply. The link back to the tag line while combining the message to not waste it, is just brilliant. Another compelling ad among many.

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