Downy teaser, humorous Thai ad and more: creative ads of the week

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Creating clutter-breaking advertising is tough. A majority of the ads are simply ignored – a fate worse than being noticed and disliked. Given the fuzzy briefs, opaque approval process and other ills of advertising, this is not surprising. My weekly compilation of clutter-breaking creative ads is a small tribute to such marketing & advertising teams who manage to get their ads noticed, recalled and liked.

Tops Supermarket: underrated gifts

I loved advertising from Thailand. Am sure they have their share of mediocre work but the best of their ads have one thing in common: they don’t themselves too seriously. There’s a lot of self-deprecating humour, giving ‘it’s only advertising’ vibes which makes the brand endearing. Humour is another common factor – even for supposedly serious issues such as tackling alcoholism. Among the other positives – great production values, scripts and stories that are strategically sound. A new ad from Tops Supermarkets is anchored on a universal insight: many of us overthink about the gift we purchase for others and worry a lot if it will be liked or not. We worry if the gift will reflect on us. In this context, the ad aims to change perceptions about gifts purchased from a super market and that any gift can be seen as valuable.

Agency: VMLY&R

iTVx: popcorn dispenser

iTV’s new free streaming service, iTVx was launched recently with several top TV stars ‘auditioning’ for shows. ‘Fresh’ and ‘free’ are the key messages they want to communicate. A new stunt – of a billboard which dispenses popcorn drives home the point and guaranteeing global publicity.

Safe Pharmacy: Bad Meds

‘Fake medicines can cause a fright even to those considered to be ‘scary’ movie stars’ is brought alive smartly through use of actor Danny Trejo. He goes on to explain that ‘dangerous’ props used in movies are fake and hence he is not scared of them. But fake medicines are a serious matter – a point driven home very well through a TVC and the ‘poster’.

Agency: The Artery

Kolkata International Film Festival: meet the world

‘Best of both worlds’ is a theme that works in many categories. It feels right in the promotional ad for Kolkata International Film which showcased both Indian and world cinema.

Agency: Genesis. Via.

Downy: Super Bowl teaser

The Super Bowl is undoubtedly a landmark event in the marketing calendar for several brands (those which can afford the huge investments). The pre-launch buzz and the amplification possible through social media activity is seen as great ROI by both established brands and startups. Unfortunately, in a bid to stand out from the clutter, marketers assume that celebrity endorsements, over-the-top humour or dazzling computer graphics will do the trick, rather than a solid, core brand idea.

A new teaser campaign from P&G’s Downy is daringly new – as it starts 12 weeks prior to the Super Bowl event – to match the claim that ‘Downy keeps clothes fresh for 12 weeks’. The interest is further enhanced by a mystery celebrity whose face is covered a piece of clothing – subliminally cueing the category.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Pluto TV: the chase

Free Ad Supported TV (or FAST) is a category in streaming that is fast becoming popular. Think of it as the old cable TV content delivered via a streaming service. A new spot from Pluto TV starring Drew Barrymore drives home the point about free with a lovely tag line: ‘Stream now, pay never’.

Oatside: apologies

Creativity is not just about creating a memorable TV spot or print ad. It also manifests in how you approach a marketing or business problem. Consumers took to social media to complain about the unavailability of Oatside – an oat milk brand in Thailand. The brand did apologise – but turned it around as a fallout of being too popular. They also reached out to those who complained with a special gift box.

Agency: Rabbit’s Tale. Via.

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