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Combiflam IcyHot, #SachMein, Disneyland Paris and more: 8 top creative ads of the week

We come across hundreds of commercial messages everyday. A majority of them go unnoticed. Only a handful get our attention and perhaps even smaller number remain memorable. Here are a few which caught my eye this week: Combiflam IcyHot: Strong pain Advertising for consumer goods – be it everyday food and beauty products or OTC …

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No, not all products & services are remarkable

A common advice to brands is to make remarkable products and services. Marketing & advertising is then tasked with ‘story telling’ that resonates. If only it worked like that in real life. Most products & services fulfil basic necessities of consumers and have very little scope to have truly differentiated product features.In his book ‘This is marketing’ Seth Godin …

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