KayaKing Jumbo Peanuts: you will choke with laughter

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I have always been in two minds about this blog being a repository of global creative work – there are other blogs dedicated in that area and doing a great job of it. But sometimes you have the urge to share something that you’ve seen – even if it reaches 5 more people (as in the readership of this blog!) it is a bonus.

So, here’s a funny little ad for Jumbo Peanuts. Idea: careful, it’s only for Jumbos.


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Indonesia
Photographer: Heru Suryoko, Leonardus Bramantya
Retoucher: Heru Suryoko
Designer: Aldo Khalid
Creative Director: Glenn Alexander
Art Director: Alfa Aphrodita, Yogi Wiweka
Copywriter: Glenn Alexander

Via: Coloribus. Great interpretation and execution of an idea, right?

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