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BBH and Ecce Homo: adding to the cool quotient


This is typically British. The background: a fresco called Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) by Elias Garcia Martinez has held pride of place in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church near Zaragoza for more than 100 years. In an attempt to restore the fresco, an elderly parishioner, Cecilia Gimenez botched up the piece of art. While her intent was good, the result clearly was not. Image Via: BBH spotted an...

Oreo UK: the explanation series


A new UK commercial for Oreo is doing the rounds of ad blogs. It is a continuation of the spot released earlier this year. What’s endearing about these spots (the Indian ones included) is that the kids act ‘naturally’. Most commercials featuring kids (not toddlers) usually lack this touch. And for folks outside UK, the oh-so-cute British accent always works. This ad is meant to...

Our Mobile Planet: pointers to the future


Our Mobile Planet, released in 2011, has some great pointers to the future of mobile phones. The data pertaining to India is for 2011 (while for some countries like USA, the 2012 data is available) and has interesting information pertaining to smartphone usage. Here are a few interesting slides: Source: Our Mobile Planet Its not surprising to see the low penetration of iOS in India. I would...

Old Spice flexes its muscles on Vimeo and goes viral


Old Spice Body Spray ‘s new interactive video featuring Terry Crews is going viral. What’s it about?  As with other Old Spice ads featuring Terry Crews, it’s intriguing and entertaining. Terry Crews, sitting on a chair is surrounded by several musical instruments. He has sensors stuck to his body and every time he flexes a muscle, it sets off a connected musical instrument. The...

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