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Executive shake-up at Apple: the signals


It sounds like an innocuous headline: Apple announces changes to increase collaboration across hardware, software & services. But what followed were significant bombshells: 15-year Apple veteran and Vice President of iOS Software Scott Forstall was leaving the company and so was the 9-month retail head, John Browett was on his way out, even before a replacement was found. There were other...

W+K’s social strategy to hire Social Strategist for Old Spice


Wieden + Kennedy is looking to hire a Social Strategist to work on Old Spice. So what’s new you ask? The manner in which the web is being put to use in the hiring process. W+K has given a set of intriguing challenges to the potential candidates: Challenge 1 – Create the best original Pinterest board dedicated to the sport of inline speed skating (NOT roller-hockey). Challenge 2...

Classic ads: Yankees Adidas commercials – symbolising the sports fan


I remember seeing these ads (perhaps just a couple of times), in the late ’90s and yet are vivid in my memory. These ads ran during the 1998 season of MLB for the New York Yankees and sponsored by Adidas. Agency: Leagas Delaney. There are 3 spots in the playlist, with ‘ANSKY’ being the funniest. There was a fourth one too, where ‘S’ has to be replaced at the stadium...

AT&T #ghostbombing: making tech ads fun


The feature: a new HTC phone, lets you take photo-stills from their videos. Benefit: you can pull stills from video. With that as a premise, BBDO New York has created a campaign that reflects new media realities for advertisers. Agency: BBDO, New York I like the fun, almost self-deprecating tone: ‘apparently ghosts have been photobombing us for decades. But we didn’t have a way to...

Nexus: Ask Me Anything – more show, less tell


If you go by the discussions on tech blogs, you’d be led to believe that that the average consumer is obsessed with tech specs. Sure, most consumers want to be seen as rational buyers who extract  maximum value for money and choosing brands which are most ‘feature-rich’. That’s true of mobile phones, consumer durables and gadgets. But the trend in advertising for such...

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