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Knorr – Flavor of Home: all the ingredients of a viral hit


What makes a brand content go viral? While Google has some helpful answers marketers would agree that it is not as easy as following a step-by-step process. There is still an intangible element - a magic involved. Having said that, marketers and agencies are following a pattern, which is both a good and bad thing. The pattern I am talking about is this: brands have come to believe that the best...

Volvo ‘Life Paint’: when brand action, not proposition, creates buzz


Pundits say that the key difference between the advertising of yesterday and today is one of 'saying' versus 'doing'. For years brand said their piece (usually about how great they were) through one way communication. The creative execution embellished the proposition. If consumers did not find the communication endearing they could ignore it and if they liked it, they may mention it to friends...

Listerine: when creative is the differentiator


Clients have often asked 'why is this creative idea true of only my brand and not my competitors?' The attempt was to overcome mis-attribution and help the viewer believe that the messaging can only be true for the brand. The problem is that the product is usually never imbued with any significant differentiation (think of any consumer goods product) but the advertising is usually expected to do...

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