‘Captain Fantastic’ from @RoyalMailStamps, Heinz label, @Beco_UK #StealOurStaff and more: 8 creative ideas of the week

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I missed my blog post last week but over the past few years I have attempted to share a compilation of creative ads every week. Everyday hundreds of commercial messages – be it TV ads, web banners, billboards, tweets or radio spots are aimed at us. A majority of them are simply ignored and only a handful are noticed and remembered. Here are a few creative ads, which caught my eye last week: including Captain Fantastic from Royal Mail, Heinz label and more.

BECO.: Steal Our Staff

Better Considered or BECO. is a UK-based social enterprise which makes eco-friendly toiletries. About 80% of its work force is visually impaired, disabled or disadvantaged. ‘Steal Our Staff’ is an innovative campaign, which involves a packaging makeover, where products are wrapped in labels that feature highlights from their employees’ CVs. Large supermarket chains in the UK will stock BECO’s soaps with such wrap-rounds.

The objective is to encourage head-hunting so that other enterprises too employ such talent. Loved the idea and the execution.

Agency: TBWA|London

Heinz Ketchup: Pour Perfectly

Some creative ideas evoke the ‘wish I had thought if this’ reaction in some of us. Here’s one such for Heinz Ketchup which is simple yet brilliant and more importantly, effective solves a real problem.

Agency: Rethink

Quitline New Zealand: quit for your pets

Smoking is an irrational habit. Smokers know that it affects health yet continue to indulge in the habit. Even those who want to quit the habit convince themselves that it is tough and relapse, even if they give up for a while. Campaigns urging them to give up the habit have used shock value, rational arguments and more. In my view, appealing to the emotional brain has a better chance of success. A new spot from Quitline New Zealand takes the emotional route with the proposition: ‘When you smoke around your pets, they’re twice as likely to get cancer. Your best mate will follow you anywhere. Lead them well‘.

Agency: YoungShand, Auckland. Via.

The New York Times: Gender Equality

In order to highlight New York Times‘ coverage of challenges and inequalities women face in various fields, a new spot showcases the struggle through a riveting mix of just text and audio.

Agency: Droga5

ME Bank: Stop

A hallmark of a good advertising campaign is when it evokes reactions like ‘yes, this speaks to me’ or ‘this understands me’ among the intended target audience. I feel these set of ads effectively address new parents who have freshly discovered the burden of responsibility.

Agency: The Inside Job

Diesel: Enjoy before returning

I liked this ad because it takes on fashion industry norms pertaining to ‘return policies’. The tongue-in-cheek voice over urges users to ‘enjoy before returning’.

Agency: Publicis, Italy

Royal Mail: Celebrating Captain Fantastic

As a fan of Elton John’s music, this was special for me. Royal Mail Stamps is releasing a Special Collection of unique Stamps and Collectibles. It includes 8 of his album covers and other memorabilia. A TVC beautifully captures the emotions of a fan.

Agency: M&C Saatchi

A second film follows the same format and the emotions.

Elton John himself has tweeted about the collection.

Among the stamps is the 1992 album, The One, with artwork designed by Gianni Versace.

M&S: Dressing the nation

Most fashion & accessories advertising is largely about showcasing the merchandise (and a little bit of mystique if it is a luxury brand). In the bargain, most of the static medium ads are about models looking vapidly into camera. In that context, I liked this new campaigns for M&S where there is some attempt to convey the product features with some charm.

Agency: ODD, London

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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  1. Cannot forget BECO. Heinz is smart. Fell in love with the Quitline logo, the TVC made it deeper. Thanks for the collection.

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