iPhone 12 ‘Fumble’, Ford UK’s Heartbeat and more: top creative ads of the week

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Every week I curate a set of creative ads which break the clutter and deliver a compelling brand message either through entertainment or an execution which evokes an emotion. This week’s compilation includes an ad for iPhone 12, Ford UK, Fisher-Price and more.

iPhone 12: fumble

The hallmark of an ad from Apple is focus. Without any intended pun, the focus is on the product and its benefits. There are several brands which create ads where the product or brand become incidental and not integral to the story line. The so called ‘lifestyle’ brands succumb to it with themes such as ‘A brand which suits your kind of life’. Apple has been consistent in all its ads with product as hero. Even when the product is not shown (as in the famous ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads) the benefit is apparent. In this case, the Ceramic Shield and the toughness of the screen is brought alive in a situation all too familiar for us. The choice of music (tabla soundtrack ‘The Conference’ by musician Nitin Sawhney) goes so well with the situation and the idea being conveyed – the prospect of a flying phone and the shock of damage that follows is real. For an audience outside India the music would be exotic, quirky and different. As an aside, the attention to detail is apparent in the YouTube thumbnail image which acts as a key visual, going hand-in-hand with the title.

Ford UK: Heartbeat

When we say something is at the ‘heart’ or is the ‘heartbeat’, the visual cues are apparent. The said object or service is critical and at the core of the functionality. A new from Ford UK for for FORDLiive Connected Uptime System (‘designed to help Ford commercial vehicle operators increase their productivity by maximising vehicle uptime’) brings alive the idea by literally projecting vehicle flow as blood flow and business coming to a stop when vans stop. The visual analogy of a beating heart, the soundtrack which goes well with the idea – all work together to drive home the point.

Agency: AMV BBDO

Lowe’s: Home to Any Possibility

A familiar brand in the US, the first thing I noticed in this ad for Lowe’s is how they have subtly cued the logo in the shape of the house where the action is set. Each ‘room’ in the house is home to a family which is trying to improve the home in their own way. The montage format and ‘bringing diverse people together’ is not an entirely new idea but the execution (directly by Roman Coppola, son of Francis Ford Coppola) makes it a riveting watch.

Agency: Deutsch

Zoflora: Kills germs beautifully

Consumer goods brand with nothing much to say by way of product differentiation is a tough category to work on. Zoflora is a disinfectant and has the standard ‘Kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria’ claim. But its gentle fragrance is converted into a selling point and said differently with ‘kills germs beautifully’. Loved it.

Agency: Quiet Storm

Fisher-Price: see toys everywhere

The imaginative world of kids is something all parents are familiar with. Kids play act with every day things and any situation can become a game. A new ad from Fisher-Price brings the idea alive visually with the aid of labels (made to look like a toy brand logo) on common indoor and outdoor objects.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Sheba: Cats that rule the world documentary series

This is content marketing done well. Sheba, a cat food brand has created a documentary series on cats which have gone on to create a huge fan following (a honorary train station master in Japan) or do special jobs (as part of Hollywood productions). The branding is subtle yet the association with the brand is strong and is likely to strengthen the position as a special cat food for special cats (which is how every pet owner feels about their pets).

See the full episode here.

See the full episode here.

Agency: AMV BBDO

Tositos: ‘One Upper’

As briefs come, this is tough. How do you create an engaging commercial for a tortilla chip, even if it is to announce a spicy Habanero variant? I thought the connection sought between the brand and the idea was a bit stretched:

To celebrate that love of chips and dip and everything people love to do with their friends, Tostitos has launched a new campaign, “For the Love of Chips and Dip™ and…” and are teaming up with comedic duo Kate McKinnon and Dan Levy. Whether it’s doing karaoke and getting the lyrics wrong or analyzing plot holes in bad movies, when a couple of friends gather with Tostitos chips and dips, fun moments are bound to happen, and McKinnon and Levy aim to put a spotlight on those moments within a moment that make them memorable.


But the final outcome is good fun.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Tata Steel Nest-In: Holi film

Along with ‘moment marketing‘, occasion-led topical ads have become a ‘must-do’ task in a brand’s communication calendar. This year, Tata Steel’s pre-fabricated housing brand Nest-In has released a film which is also topical from a COVID-19 perspective. The ad reminds us of those who were frontline warriors but lost their lives due the pandemic. The message urging those directly affected by such loss to move forward it is a poignant film which could have easily tilted over to insensitive. While a tad long, I liked the transition of the chat with a living person to someone who is no more.

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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