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Honda Civic, Burger King and more: 6 top creative ads of the week


This past week advertising industry trade portals and social media feeds were filled with creative ads on the occasion of International Women’s Day. As with most advertising, a majority of them were just adding to the noise. Moreover, only a handful of such occasion-led ‘topical’ campaigns have a connect to the brand and are relevant for the occasion. Brand teams are driven by...

Volvo, Aviation Gin and more: creative ads of the week


Every week I share a few compelling creative ads which caught my eye. This week’s compilation includes a stunt from Volvo Trucks, a TVC from Aviation Gin and more. Volvo: The Tower There is a tendency in advertising to announce the death of advertising every now and then. They’d like to portray some new fad, technology or platform as the ‘next big thing’ at the expense of...

Burger King’s mouldy Whopper, Old Spice and more: 10 top creative ads of the week


This week, there were several attention-grabbing campaigns including the much-debated ‘mouldy Whopper’ ad from Burger King. However, the percentage of ads which get noticed and recalled is still minuscule compared to the vast amount of commercial messages which go unnoticed every day. Here are a few creative ads which caught my eye this week: Burger King: mouldy Whopper Last year, I...

Citroën, Harley Davidson and more: top creative ads of the week


Advertising industry portals announce and review new campaigns almost on a daily basis. Across hundreds of ads written about in a week, only a handful get attention and traction – pretty much like real life. Here are a few campaigns which caught my eye the week ending February 14, 2020: Citroën: Cello Among SUVs, ‘space’ is a common benefit and has been interpreted in many ways...

Adobe, iPhone 11, McDonald’s and more: creative ads of the week


In my last week’s compilation, I missed out on a couple of charming Super Bowl spots, notably from Jeep and Google. Aside from them, here are a few creative ads which caught my eye this week. McDonald’s: late night Visual puns using elements strongly associated with the brands are not new to McDonald’s – as evident from this 2009 advert. A new campaign to highlight...

6 top creative ads of the week: Alexa, #GoodAtLife, @MumbaiPolice and more


Every week I attempt to share clutter breaking creative ads. As many pundits have pointed out, the real test of an ad is its noticeability. If it is not noticed, everything else – the strategy & creative process and media investments are just of academic interest. Here are a few picks from this week: Alexa: What did we do before Alexa? Most of the ads scheduled to appear during this...

Heineken, KitKat, Swiggy and more: creative ads of the week


Every week, I attempt to share a few clutter breaking creative ads which caught my attention. Over the last ten years, I have shared views on topics pertaining to advertising too. Here’s my collection for the week ending January 17, 2020: Heineken: Daniel Craig vs James Bond When you have to use a celebrity like Daniel Craig to cue an association with the James Bond franchise, some creative...

6 top creative ads of the week: @turbotax @SingleCare and more


Every week I attempt to share a compilation of compelling creative ads. Aside from such compilations, I write about topics pertaining to branding & advertising once in a while. Here are some clutter breaking ads which caught my the week ending January 3, 2020. TurboTax: all people are tax people ‘Tax filings made easy’ is likely to be a proposition adopted by many players in the...

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